Queencast Bonus Mixtape Volume 3

Episode 50 · September 18th, 2018 · 1 hr 2 mins

About this Episode

This week on the Queencast:
We were unable to get together to record this week, so Michael compiled another fun episode of content that didn't make it into the last handful of regular episodes. As always, you'll get some fun pre-show banter, a little mid-show shenanigans, and one particularly hilarious post-show discussion wherein Soha learns how babies are made. 50 may seem like a milestone, but as you'll hear in this episode, we decided that 52 is the magic number.

Here are the track titles for this episode:

  1. Forever Entertaining
  2. Why are we whispering?
  3. Gangsta Witch
  4. Go burp yourself
  5. The American Dream Quiz pt. 1
  6. The American Dream Quiz pt. 2
  7. The Geoduck
  8. The Shoe Carnival Commercial
  9. It feeds the baby