Queencast Bonus Mixtape Volume Two

Episode 36 · June 12th, 2018 · 59 mins 32 secs

About this Episode

In the final pre-recorded episode of the Queencast before returning from our Summer break, we have Volume Two of our incredibly popular and very downloaded Bonus Mixtape series! You could just as easily say that the theme of volume two is as much food as the theme of volume one was about sex. Try saying it aloud. See? That was easy, right? Anyway. Here is what you can expect from this hot new mixtape:

  1. Welcome back to the Queencast!
  2. Use the effing word
  3. Dingleberries
  4. Hair all over your hair
  5. Go chosou arigatogozaimashita
  6. Delishusss
  7. Crunchy Water
  8. It's purple
  9. Fertile octogenarian
  10. A cupcake connoisseur
  11. The hottest takes
  12. A real rough Christmas
  13. Milkshake duck
  14. Horse
  15. A racist and a richist
  16. Macaroni and cheese